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GBCJobs.pk is an online job portal specifically catering the need of the employers and job seekers in Gilgit-Baltistan and Chitral. With the boom of the IT sector in GBC almost all employers including the Government of GB has switched to online means of recruitment. This online portal is an initiative led and run by AKRSP to assist the youth of GBC get access to the job market.



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Career Counselling

The significant population of youth in GBC is eager for better education opportunities. Getting a good degree from a reputable institution sets a good base for career development. Hence, we aim to bridge the gap between universities and students by listing current and upcoming admission/ scholarship opportunities at regional and the national level.

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Despite the multifaceted challenges faced by Pakistan’s economy, booming startup sector is turning out to be a silver lining for the country. Opportunities for growth, however, come with the challenge of finding the right human and capital resources to allow building of infrastructure. AKRSP, through GBCJobs.pk, aims to feature successful startups and help them out to find the appropriate talent/ skill-sets.

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AKRSP has built a strong foundation of people’s institutions, comprising more than 3700 Village and Women Organizations, majority of whom have come together to establish more than 60 Local Support Organizations as their representative institutions. These LSOs take on a multi-sector agenda in partnership with a wide array of partners including the local government departments.

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Learning & Capacity Building

GBCJobs.pk brings all the current and upcoming training and workshops that could be of great use for youth of GBC not only for their professional but personal development as well. These ongoing capacity development programs are essential for youth to keep up with the ever-growing demands of the job market.

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Events such as job fairs and gala are pertinent to work on youths personal and professional development. These gatherings are important for a discourse on youth specific challenges and opportunities as well as to showcase their successes.

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GBCJobs.pk features all the vocational courses that are available for providing employable skills to the people of GBC. Vocational learning opportunities play a critical role in skill development and employability as a skilled workforce is pertinent, high in demand and actively filling the employment gap.

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